OM Ratings

Our values

At OSN, we are committed to promoting products and practices that reduce environmental, human, and animal harm. We aim to be a one-stop shop for those looking for products that align with conscious living. Additionally, we have a goal to provide honest and transparent information about the environmental impact of products, empowering consumers to make informed choices and relieving them of the burden of determining whether they are being greenwashed.

OSN OM Ratings and Reviews

Our product ratings and reviews are based on these values to provide our community with a guide for assessing quality products and making more informed purchasing decisions. Our focus is on product sustainability and ethical production. Highlighting the importance of considering the broader impact of our consumer choices is essential for us. Additional categories are considered in our reviews, including accessibility, affordability, functionality, and aesthetics, to provide a more well-rounded product evaluation for diverse consumers. We are a valuable resource for anyone looking to make more conscious and informed purchasing decisions. Read more about our categories below.

Our OM ratings consist of 6 categories:

Sustainable/Environmentally Conscious: Environmental impacts are reduced at each product creation and distribution stage—for example, renewable energy-efficient products, recycled materials, and zero-waste packaging.

Ethical/Ethically Sourced: Human impact is considered at each product creation and distribution stage. For us, this and the sustainability category also include impacts on animal welfare, so considerations like plant-based, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Accessibility: A product with a design that aims to be used by the most amount of people. The design must allow for diverse users with varying abilities.

Affordability: Evaluation of whether the product is a reasonable price for its features and functions compared to similar items on the market.

Functionality: How well the product works for its intended purpose.

Aesthetics: Visual appeal and other factors that influence product desirability.

Table displaying the ONS OM rating categories

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