Eco-Friendly Home products? OSN reviews ATTITUDE Home essentials

Eco-Friendly Home products?

OSN reviews ATTITUDE Home Essentials cleaning products

Hi, my name is Bia with OmTimes Shopping Network and in this video, we are trying out ATTITUDE home essential products. 

About the company

Attitude is based in Quebec, Canada. The company is run by Jean Francois Bernier, the CEO and co-founder.  Inspired partly by being a new father attitude was created in 2006 with the goal of creating and to clean naturally sourced and low waste products for families. 

The products that we are reviewing today are from their home care section. They also have beauty, hair, body care, and mom and kids-specific product lines.

The products

We received two products to test out. We have the dishwashing liquid in the orange, sage scent and the laundry detergent in the geranium and lemongrass scent. These products are made from essential oils.

Their website has a glossary of ingredients which is super useful for those interested in knowing what is in their products. 

About the products

The products had some rough travel, and they came to us a little bit dinged up. The bottles are aluminum and intended to be refilled indefinitely. You can purchase refills online, which appear to come in cardboard boxes. 


The detergent is in liquid form, which is often criticized for not being environmentally friendly in the sense that we are just moving water around often in plastic bottles, and the use of water by companies is used to dilute products. I’m not accusing Attitude of doing that here, but that is definitely something to consider.

Ethics and Sustainability

In terms of sustainability and ethics attitude has several third-party certifications. They are EWG certified, reflecting their commitment of not using harmful chemicals in their products. They’re Ecologo certified for reduced environmental impacts. And they are cruelty-free and vegan certified by PETA.


The company has a subscription service, so you can schedule refills for your products with a 10% off discount. You can find ATTITUDE products all over stores in the US, Canada, and some other countries in the US, you can find these products in places like Fred Meyers, Whole Foods sprouts, and New Seasons and this is important because if you don’t like to or cannot shop online shopping in person is an option.


 The dishwashing liquid that we received retails at 11.95 and the refill is available for 23.95 for 67.6 fluid ounces the laundry detergent that we’ve received retails at 19.95 and their refills for 80 loads is 26.95 


Both the dishwashing liquid and the detergent work as intended and I especially enjoyed the scent of the laundry detergent. I would appreciate a little bit more guidance on how much to use. The table on the bottle has some guidance, and it’s just two images. One of a full basket and the other of an overflowing basket.I’m not really sure how what that means in terms of how much to put into my machine.


I do like the look of the bottles and labels. It has a clean, environmentally friendly aesthetic. You know when you see these products that they’re meant to be clean and eco-friendly.


I’m willing to assume that the packaging that we received isn’t the standard packaging and that, in general, these bottles would arrive lasting depth than the ones that we received. 

I don’t think that this is a bad price point for clean products, especially from a company that provides a lot of transparency. If you come across these products in-store or are looking for new cleaning products to try, I would recommend ATTITUDE Living products.

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