Are USB lighters any good? OSN Reviews Brightly’s rechargeable lighter

USB rechargeable Lighter: Are they worth it?

Have you considered a USB lighter to replace disposable single-use butane lighters?

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About USB rechargeable lighter

What’s the deal with USB rechargeable lighters? Are they more eco-friendly than matches?

Hi, my name is Bia. You’re watching the home shopping network channel. And in this video, I’m going to give you my thoughts on the brightly rechargeable lighter.

Rechargeable lighters are electronic flameless and windproof. Unlike traditional lighters, which use butane, rechargeable lighters can be charged with a USB cord. By design, they’re supposed to be a more sustainable way to light candles, grills, stove burners, and other things. The lighter that I’m focusing on today is the brightly rechargeable lighter. It has a lithium-ion battery. It’s made out of 95% ABS plastic and 5% zinc alloy. It comes in two colors, yellow and fourth screen, which is the one I have. This slider is supposed to last you a lifetime. It is advertised to have a one-and-a-half-hour charge time and can be used up to 300 times per charge.

But before I go into my thoughts on the Brightly lighter, I want to go over why you should consider a rechargeable reusable lighter in the first place.

Traditional lighters are not recyclable. Once they’re out of butane, they end up in landfills. There are some that you can refill, for example, Zippos; however, the butane used in traditional lighters releases carbon dioxide when burned, which damages the atmosphere. A rechargeable lighter does not use butane. Instead, it uses a tiny electrical charge and it kind of looks like a mini little taser.

Well, you may be wondering, what about matches?

Yes, matches are more environmentally friendly in terms of being compostable since they are made primarily out of paper and wood. However, there are some ingredients in some matches that aren’t biodegradable. For example, paraffin wax matches are also single-use items. Once they’re lit, they can’t be used again. There are some concerns about the match industry, such as the sustainability of logging for resources. From some quick research that I did online, it seems like Aspen is the most common tree used for matches, and it’s estimated that one Aspen can make about 1 million matches. Trees are a renewable resource, but they do take a long time to grow.

Okay, let’s get into the specifics of this USB rechargeable lighter.

The packaging is made out of recycled materials, and it’s plastic-free. It’s even kind of cute and has some facts about the product on the box.
In my day to day, I mainly use lighters for laying candles and incense, and this lighter work great for that. Here are some possible downsides to this lighter, it may not be as durable as a traditional lighter. You might think of this lighter as a piece of tech. It’s not something that can really be forgotten outside like a traditional lighter might be. The ABS plastic itself is tough enough to handle the normal wear and tear of being dropped. But my concern would be more with water damage and debris getting into the USB port.

Even though this lighter is supposed to last you forever. You never know. And I had some concerns about recycling this because it’s basically all plastic. For end-of-life care. The company suggests you contact your local government office and ask where to safely dispose of it. I think that, theoretically, this is a good suggestion, but it leaves us confused because I think most people won’t take that extra step, and they’ll just trash instead.

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The product is made of mainly plastic, it does reduce the need to continuously by single-use butane lighters.


I wasn’t able to track down their production details, but the company is 1% for the planet, which means that they donate 1% of their revenue to climate causes. They’re also Climate Neutral certified, so we can feel pretty confident that brightly is working towards sustainability and reducing negative impacts.
I do think it’s important to know that even though lithium is a huge part of the plan for sustainability without fossil fuels, lithium extraction, and the supply chain is wrought with ethical and environmental concerns. But that is beyond the scope of this review video. And if you would like me to go more into that topic in another video, let me know in the comments.


This lighter has a dual button feature in order to be able to be turned on which requires some dexterity it is a safety feature, though, so I can’t really be too critical of that.


This lighter is $30, but there are some that are cheaper. You can actually get on Amazon and see all the rechargeable lighter options that go as low as $10. They do have some that are even more expensive than $30. The USB lighter company’s candle lighter has a similar design and the same price point as this Brightly lighter, which indicates to me that, at least for this design, $30 might be the standard price. Ultimately, it seems to me with the price differences, you’re paying for eco-friendly packaging and potentially company ethics and transparency, which is definitely worth it in terms of setting a standard of sustainable practices for companies.

This is a judgment-free zone for your sustainability journey. If you can’t afford the price point of this lighter, but want a rechargeable lighter because you care about minimizing the impacts on the environment, then you need to make the best decision for you.


There’s not much to it. This lighter works. My only complaint is that the USB cord is very short.

Whether you go with this product or another one, it is definitely worthwhile to invest in a rechargeable reusable lighter in order to minimize your impact on the environment. Brightly is a company that not only educates but provides resources for people looking to become more conscious consumers. They also have some third-party certifications that prove that they’re doing the work, so you can feel good about purchasing this product from them.

This lighter has a long neck design that is best for candles, so it’s not a portable pocket-size lighter, though there are rechargeable pocket-sized lighters on the market.

Do you have a USB rechargeable lighter? Or do you prefer to use matches are refillable lighter? Let us know in the comments. If you liked this video or found it helpful, please like and subscribe to stay in touch with us. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you next time.

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