Reduce Plastic? OSN reviews Smelly Proof Bags

Will these reduce single-use plastics?

OSN Reviews reviews Smelly Proof bags

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Do you still use Ziploc bags to meal prep? Do you feel guilty that you’re using plastic? Well, there might be a more sustainable option for you.

Hi, I’m Bia with OMtimes Shopping Network, and today I’ll be giving you my thoughts on the Smelly proof bags.

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Let’s get right into the Smelly Proof bags.

Smelly Proof bags have been made in the US for at least since 2000. So I actually came across some news coverage of it from about five years ago, “

“Deputies just busted a student at South Fort Myers High for using one to try to hide his pot, and NBC news’ Brian Henderson is in our newsroom with how easy it really is to buy these smelly proof bags. That’s what they’re called, correct? This is the brand of bag that investigators say the kid was caught with. It is called smelly proof”

Product Description

Though we did do some experiments to test out the capabilities of the bag, we did not try to store marijuana in it. So if you have, let us know if that worked out for you in the comments. So these bags are basically like any other Ziploc bag or off-brand versions of a Ziploc bag. Except they’re supposed to be even more durable.

They’re made out of polyethylene and nylon and come in many sizes and designs. So we received a sandwich bag size, small, medium, large, and extra large in a few different styles. We had both clear and black bags, and bags that stand up their bags have a double zipper, or what they refer to as a multi-zipper track design. They also have some extra space at the top after the zipper, which I think may contribute to keeping stuff from spilling out or leaking. But I’m not sure it kind of looks like something you could rip off.


The smaller bags that we received, like the sandwich bag and the small bag, came in cardboard boxes. But the larger sizes, like the medium and up, came in their own plastic bag, which I guess you could reuse or upcycle if you’re crafty, but I personally saw no obvious way to upcycle them.

These bags are supposed to store pretty much anything from food to clothes, and they’re puncture-resistant, tear resistant, and supposedly pretty much indestructible. And most importantly, based on their name. They’re supposed to keep this thing from coming out. So according to their frequently asked questions on their website, you can heat seal them, and you can freeze them. The safe temperature range for these bags is between two degrees Fahrenheit and 190 degrees Fahrenheit; it does say not to boil over 190 degrees. So be safe with it, y’all.

Testing out the product

So the lock-in design of the bag is supposed to create an internal ecosystem where nothing comes out of it. It blocks air odors or vapors from coming out. So naturally, we have to test this out. So we wanted to test these out for a couple of different uses since you’re supposed to basically use this for anything from home use, food use, gardening, travel, anything.

Storing dirty clothes

One of the ways that I tested out this bag was by using it as one of the bags that you keep your dirty clothes in when you’re traveling to separate it from your clean clothes. This worked out really well for me, I didn’t notice it is stinking up my bag. And nobody complained about it at the airport.

Germinate seeds

My partner used these bags as a way to try to germinate some seeds as we’re getting into the spring and we’re starting a little garden. But unfortunately, the seeds that I show here got moldy. We ended up having to clean out the bag and try again.

Closed off environment

We also experimented with putting a potato inside one of the blackout bags to see if it would delay the potato spreading compared to a potato that was not in the bag but stored in the same place. Unfortunately, nothing really happened in a week; you can see that there is a little bit of a tiny growth in the potato that was left out versus the potato that was inside the bag, but nothing really noticeable.

Concerns and caveats

One thing that I’m a little bit concerned about is washing out the bags and reusing them because I feel like that could be a little bit of a hassle for some people. They say that you can use a dishwasher, but since they use eco-friendly ink that will wash out in a dishwasher. So we haven’t actually had a dishwasher for very long, and we’re still a little bit suspicious and not adventurous enough to try out what would happen if you put a smelly proof bag in there. But if you have done that, let us know what happened in the comments.

So I have the same concerns with these bags that I do for using any sort of plastic bag to store food. Some foods like tomatoes and spices like turmeric tend to stain plastic. And I just worry that you wouldn’t actually be able to successfully wash and reuse these bags if you use certain foods. They do say for hard-to-remove odors, put some baking soda in there.

Comparing three types of bags

So I actually have three different types of bags to compare, we do have the smelly proof bag, and we have an off-brand ziplock bag. And we have a reusable bag that I believe I got at the Grocery Outlet, but I am not quite sure what material it’s made out of. But compared to the ziplock off-brand, it is definitely a little bit more durable the smelly proof bag. But when it comes to the Grocery Outlet bag, it’s less durable but may be more pliable.

Durability of the seal

But the smelly-proof bag really wins with its seal.  It is the easiest to open and reseal and reuse out of all the three bags that I had. The thicker, more durable feeling Grocery Outlet bag that I have. It doesn’t seal, so you know, kind of defeats its purpose of reusability, and that’s where the smelly proof bag really wins between the three.

Okay, now for our OM ratings.

In terms of sustainability, the bags that are plastic come packaged in more plastic, so it’s a little bit hard for me to give a high rating here. It is a more durable plastic that is supposed to create more uses and reduce single-use plastic bags. It is BPA-free and latex free. So it’s a better type of plastic for the environment, as far as we know.

These bags are recyclable type seven, which means they are not a type of plastic that are included in the first six types of recyclable plastics, which makes it more complicated to recycle. And without actually digging into your local ordinances and recycling programs. It’s actually really hard to tell what happens and whether these type seven plastics actually get recycled. I would love to know what we can do with these bags. Once they’ve been used and reused for the last time, can we actually turn them into something else? Can the company reuse these? i

In terms of ethics

The company is based in the US in order to reduce their carbon emissions, according to their website. They also say they donate 1% of their revenue to conscious causes and protecting the ocean from plastics. But I wish that they were a little bit more transparent about where their money and donations actually go. Like what sort of organizations or projects have they funded?


The fact that you have to hand wash and reuse this may be a little bit inaccessible to some people. And maybe making it more dishwasher safe might make it a more desirable product for a wider range of people. They have a 2022 parent-tested and parent-approved Award.  That means that a group of parents tested out their products and determined that this product was really made with the parent’s interests in mind. So that’s a really good sign that this product is really well-loved by parents.


So these bags range in price from $5.99 for a pack of 10 for the sandwich size to $17.99 for a five-pack of the 2-gallon extra large, heavy-duty bags. There are also bundles available on their website that may be a better deal. These bags are pricey compared to the more generic single-use plastics that you find around. For example, you can get about 300 sandwich bags for less than $12 at Walmart. But the ability to use and reuse these bags that are sturdier than the single-use versions might weigh out the costs.


These bags are sturdier than the generic ziplock bags that I have and the reusable bags that I got from Grocery Outlet. Because those just don’t even close. And I really liked the stand-up feature of the bags. I ended up using that for storing my stuff when I went traveling my toothpaste and, you know, all that beauty stuff. And then I also used one of these to store frozen bananas. The standard feature really makes it easy for you to pour stuff without having to hold the bag.


It’s always best to have a clear bag so you know what you’re putting inside it. But I also really dig the black bags. I guess they’re more for things that you want to keep out of direct light, like seeds, film, photographs, and, I guess marijuana. The logos are pretty large, but I personally don’t mind them. I think it’s kind of funny that they’re called smelly proof bags.


So the big takeaway here is that even though these bags are strong and reusable, they don’t really take away from the plastic problem, they are still plastic, and we’re still adding more plastic to the world. But it does diminish the single-use plastic. And if you were committed to reusing and re-washing your plastic bags, then I think these would be a very good investment. I personally am hesitant to put a lot of stuff in there that would make it difficult to reuse and rewash. But I’m also kind of a weenie, and I’m not willing to test out those limits here.


If you’re watching this video, then you probably already wash and rewash and reuse your ziploc bags or other types of plastic bags. So let me know in the comments what is the best way to do that? And what you think about these bags if you have tried them?

That’s all I have for now. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure you like and subscribe so you can stay in touch and up to date on our views. I’ll see you next time.

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